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    YEP COIN : A new payment system using a simple URL

    Create your personal URL and share it to receive money

    Click on a friend’s URL to send him money instantly

    With YEP COIN you can pay someone or send money to your relatives or friends easily, instantly,

    securely and with the cheapest fees on the market!

    To achieve that the platform works with the currency YEP COIN, specifically designed to improve payments processing.

    To start using the transfer service, create your YEP online wallet in a few clicks then share your personal URL to receive payments.

    You can share your URL using any messaging app, by email or by posting it on social networks.
    If you wish to send money to a friend instead, go to your YEP wallet dashboard, load it with YEP COINS then open your friend’s URL and simply input your YEP ID and the amount you want to send him.



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    Sold By: YEP STORE


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